The HostWeb Corporate Email service has the most modern collaboration tool (“groupware”) in the market, the Zimbra collaboration platform.

This service allows you to share work schedules, access messages from anywhere, plan meetings and integrate mobile devices, and more.

Specialized consultants also conduct training for users, enabling them to be used and managed. Antivirus, anti-spam services and copies of all messages that travel in your email are offered in the solution. All this with quality, security and message integrity.

Built for the cloud, public or private, it’s a web-based application packed with benefits and extremely lightweight.

Even before reaching your inbox messages are scanned, including virus and SPAM scans.
Email Zimbra is compatible with mobile devices, making it even easier to access, which can be done anytime, anywhere.
Email Zimbra has compatibility with standard messengers like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Microsoft Exchange.

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