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Webcourier is professional email marketing software to make your campaigns efficient and simple to manage. Create campaigns, send out your newsletters and track all results through a simple, easy and complete interface.

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With Webcourier you will have complete reports of all your submissions and much more!

Import your contacts

Import your contacts quickly with support for TXT and CSV contacts from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! and others. Import all your contacts already collected to the Webcourier without complications.

Manage your lists

Organize your contacts into lists and create campaigns that are optimized for each audience. Divide your contacts into lists categorized according to your demand, so you can send your campaigns more efficiently to your audience.

Custom Emails

Create messages with a few clicks. Using Webcourier’s basic layouts you can create personalized messages without having to know how to code and you can also edit or import your own layout.

Create and send your emails

Send your messages with high performance. With Webcourier you can send messages to up to 500,000 registered contacts per month. Create your newsletter easily and quickly send to your registered contacts.

Keep up with

Take advantage of the in-depth reviews to evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign and improve your investment.

WordPress integration

Allows you to manage searches synchronously with the webcourier API and set which events your searches will launch to.

Delivery Efficiency

Authenticated submissions, dedicated servers, and anti-spam standards help your emails enter the customer’s inbox./p>

Complete Reports

There are more than 10 types of reports! Delivery rates, openings, clicks, rejections and descadders. In addition, it has opening time statistics and type of email reader.


Team with professionals enabled and always updated in the demands of email marketing.

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