Recuperação de Desastres

The best Disaster Recovery solution for virtualized environments

Does your virtualized environment have a disaster recovery solution?

Companies that need to use a virtualized environment need to take precautions with their data. One of them is the application of a solution of Disaster Recovery.

A Disaster Recovery solution ensures rapid data recovery and practice if disaster strikes the virtualized environment. This is done through the replication of data, thus allowing you to have access to all your information in a successful, non-headache manner.

ZERTO Virtual Replication

Zerto Virtual Replication was built from scratch to become a simpler yet more powerful solution for Disaster Recovery solution for virtualized infrastructures. This includes the entire replication process in a single software solution.


This convenience is further enhanced by the possibility of recovering one, all or a subset of your virtualized applications from one storage (manufacturer A) to any other storage (manufacturer B).

Whether your virtual environment is based on VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V, Zerto Virtual Replication delivers enterprise-class disaster recovery between private clouds or directly to a DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) service provider such as Hostweb.

Hypervisor-based replication

Array-based, guest / OS, and array replication technologies have not been optimized for the virtual environment, most of which have been specifically developed for use with physical IT assets. In this way, all have problems that inhibit the efficiency and effectiveness that organizations need.

With that in mind, Zerto has introduced a software-only, top-level, enterprise-class virtual replication solution for virtual environments. The company’s innovative hypervisor-based replication is currently the first and only solution that delivers enterprise-class and virtual application and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery capabilities for the data center and the cloud.


Hypervisor-based remote replication technology is unlike any other Disaster Recovery technology – providing the granularity required in today’s complex multi-site enterprise infrastructures, without compromising performance, simplicity of operation, scalability, reporting, mobility, or flexibility. Aimed at first-tier applications deployed in a virtual infrastructure, the technology used in ZVR is the only one that combines near-continuous replication with consistent application-level data protection at host-level and storage level.

Why use Zerto Virtual Replication in your virtual environment?

Solution made especially for virtualized environments

If a replication solution is not ready for the virtual, administrative redundancies can more than double; Many of the benefits gained through virtualization can therefore be lost in the realm of disaster recovery.

The ZVR is simple and fast

System downtime is reduced to minutes productivity and revenue losses can be dramatically reduced as applications and data become available quickly.

The bests prices for your company

In an increasingly heterogeneous IT environment, some replication methods remain firmly tied to a single vendor and hardware platform, limiting the organization’s ability to get the best solutions and service at the best price.

Your information will grow over time, replication requirements will grow as well as the scope of their virtualization initiatives. Driven to the virtual environment, hypervisor-based replication will position you for growth and optimize your business continuity and disaster recovery activities.

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