Política de Privacidade


The Hostweb Privacy Policy aims to ensure the security and reliability of our services and mediate the relationship between Hostweb, user and society regarding access to information.

Secret Information

We use SSL technology whenever possible, where data transmission uses encryption protocol (HTTPS). All information exchanged travels safely.

Access Data

Customer data are used only for internal control and possible contact with the customer when necessary. Hostweb does not market its customers’ data.

Hostweb does not provide information about sites hosted on its servers, as well as the e-mails that go through them and the user databases by its clients, as established in the contract in the secrecy and confidentiality clauses. Except in cases of order, request or judicial determination.

Hostweb is not responsible for any breaches of data and information referred to above resulting from acts of employees, agents or persons authorized by the client and nor from any criminal or irregular action of third parties (“hackers”) outside the limits of the technical predictability of the moment what happened.

By contracting any service of Hostweb, the customer guarantees that the data provided is true and undertakes to keep them constantly updated so that the company can establish contact whenever necessary.


It is the responsibility of the client alone to ensure that the scripts / programs installed in their services are secure and that the permissions of their folders / directories are set correctly (regardless of the installation method used) as well as the actions performed by the client within their services.

Hostweb may, in order to maintain quality of service and compliance with laws, perform audit and service monitoring to identify improper material, security breaches in codes, and any other abusive practices that will be promptly terminated.

Any communication of abuse should be made through any of our service channels, namely:


85 34865700


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