Cloud Backup

Security, practicality and great features

Cloud Backup Hostweb brings a new alternative in the cloud storage market. With agility and practicality, we offer a stable service and high reliability.

With a user-friendly interface, Cloud Backup Hostweb enables secure and uncomplicated backup of your data to the cloud, giving you total file management and monitoring, and reliability in our service.

Count on Cloud Backup Hostweb to save your files with efficiency, agility, security and with fair price.


Have advanced file deletion options,
Bandwidth control and backup scheduling


Accessing files online,
From wherever you are,
Facilitating the use


File purge policies:
Configure which, how many, and when
The files will be deleted


Control bandwidth usage,
Email notifications, scheduling
Backup or real-time backup

Agility, comfort and security in the transfer
Of your data to the cloud


Access Hostweb CloudBackup from your mobile phone, available in Androind and IOS, and access all of your Backup information.

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